Geothermal well drilling

Our company is a pioneer in geothermal drilling; we have been doing it in closed and open loop for more than 30 years. We are also the first company to have been certified by the CGC as a geothermal drilling contractor according to the CSA448 standard ( We have specialized drills of the single and dual rotary type to bore holes in all types of soil. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Artesian well drilling

We drill residential, commercial, industrial and municipal artesian wells. We also drill wells up to 48 inches diameter and in all types of soil for agricultural facilities and fire departments. Our equipment allows us to carry out standard drilling, sludging, single or dual rotary drilling depending on the soil, with well screen and cementing if required. Thanks to our specialized tools and softwares, we can estimate the depth of the well, the rock and the underground water, as well as the quality of the water in the work area defined with the customer. We can also perform evaluation, remediation and cleaning of your existing well.

Drilled and driven piles

Driven piles are Forage Métropolitain’s specialty, but we are equipped to drill and drive any type of steel pile used to make a foundation for a building on unstable ground.

We install micropiles as well as driven and drilled piles for :
concrete or steel farm silos,
concrete bases,

We can also install any type of H pile to make retaining walls or timbering. We offer engineering and blueprint services for all types of piles. We can also perform dynamic testing on them.


Elevator well drilling

Forage Métropolitain is a specialist in elevator well drilling for all types of buildings. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to drill or drive most elevator wells in less than a day at a very competitive price.

Pump services

We offer a pump sale and installation service for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, agricultural and fire department artesian wells. We use Grundfos and Pentek products.

Specialized drilling

Mining and environmental drilling

Rock Anchors

Rock anchors serve to solidify a structure by transferring its load to the rock. The anchors can be drilled up to 50 meters in the rock, while being able to support loads of more than 200 tonnes.